Are you a postgraduate student looking for an affordable thesis editor?

You’ve put significant time and effort into your thesis—years of dedication—but no matter how brilliant your research and writing, it can be difficult to edit your own work. The familiarity you have with your thesis can make it challenging to ‘see’ it critically. 

You need fresh eyes. You need a professional editor.

Engaging a professional editor is not as scary (or expensive) as it sounds. It does mean easing some of the stress in those final stages when you’re getting ready for submission, and making sure that your thesis looks and reads the absolute best it can. This makes the work of your examiners much easier. You want them to focus on the content of your thesis, not on any typos, grammatical errors or inconsistencies.


I can provide a comprehensive copyedit of your thesis to ensure it meets your university’s guidelines and has been checked for accuracy, clarity, repetition as well as consistency in spelling, grammar, formatting and punctuation. I can also check that headings and illustrations or diagrams are accurately and consistently formatted.

For a thesis proofread, I will check to ensure all elements of the thesis are complete, consistent and correct. This service also includes checking for spelling, grammar and punctuation. A proof is usually done as a final check before submission when you are confident the thesis has already been thoroughly edited.

The quickest and least stressful way to have your thesis looking its absolute best is to hire a professional editor to edit the whole thing. 

Some students obtain a grant for thesis copyediting, but often this isn’t enough to cover the cost of editing an entire thesis.

If you have received a grant and are unable to spend above that, I can edit as much of your thesis as possible (based on a previously agreed-upon quote) and provide you with a detailed style sheet. The style sheet will enable you to edit the rest of the thesis yourself, making sure it is consistent throughout. If you decide to take this path, make sure you factor in enough time for editing before your submission date. It takes a lot longer if you do not have previous editing experience.

I can edit your whole thesis, or just a part of it, depending on your financial situation. I offer a special student rate in recognition of the difficulties postgraduate students face. My focus is on providing a low-cost service for students because I understand what it’s like—I’ve been there!

I adhere to the Institute of Professional Editors’ latest Guidelines for editing research theses, which outlines the nature and extent of services that professional editors may ethically provide when editing students’ theses. It also outlines the responsibilities of editors, students and supervisors in relation to editing. In line with my ethical practice, I do not write essays on behalf of students.

Not sure whether you can afford a professional editor? I can edit a sample of your thesis so you can see my work and I can provide you with a quote—for no charge and no obligation.