How much is this going to cost?


Every piece of writing is different and requires a different level of editing.  Some writing just needs a little finessing and a manicure while other writing needs a deep-tissue massage.

I do not offer a set price per word or page because the amount of work required to edit ‘one page’ of writing varies considerably.

To achieve the best outcome for both of us, I can provide a firm quote for your specific project based on a (free and no-obligation) sample edit for longer projects, and for shorter ones I can estimate by reviewing your document.

My prices are competitive and I offer a discounted rate to students and to not-for-profit organisations.

Simply get in touch via my contact page to get the ball rolling. Easy peasy.


If you’re after my writing services, I can provide a firm no-obligation quote for your particular project based on your specific requirements, including whether there is any researching or interviewing  required in addition to the writing.